In 2008, I bought some acreage outside of Austin where I now raise cattle, donkeys, chickens, and other critters from time to time. I also have three dogs — Buddy, Pixy, and Bandit — that keep me company at my little “slice of heaven” known as Perez Oso Ranch.

So what’s with the name of my ranch, you say?  Well, it literally translates to “Perez Bear Ranch” (“Perez” being my last name, and I have always liked bears).  However, I also enjoy a good play on words, and in Spanish the word “perezoso” means “lazy.” So, it is also my “Lazy Ranch.”  Get it?

In any event, a lot has happened since I bought my place, and I thought that some folks might benefit from — or just be curious to hear — what I’ve learned about farming and ranching in that time, and how I handle the “unexpected” (and trust me, something unexpected happens almost each and every day).  So, with that in mind, I decided to launch a Facebook Page and a YouTube Channel to post information and short videos on ranch related subjects.

I’ve selected a few of my most popular videos and put them on my website just for you.  Check it out!

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Taking My Calves to Auction | Part 2
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